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Best college in Landscape Architecture. Join SCAAD College today. Landscape design is the art and practice of planning, arranging, and modifying outdoor spaces to create aesthetically pleasing, functional, and sustainable environments. It involves considering various elements such as plants, hardscapes (paths, walls, structures), water features, lighting, and more, in order to achieve a harmonious and…

Career Guide We offer you career guidance and choice at Sanuk College of arts and design. we have design career handbooks for students. Making an Informed Choice is a handbook for students seeking to prepare themselves adequately for the world of work. It provides insights into career opportunities, progression pathways, subject requirements for specific careers, and Government-sponsored…

The Importance of Landscape Design Landscaping is about more than just making a yard beautiful. After all, a well-cared-for lawn can make even a bare yard look appealing. Landscape design is about transforming your yard into beautiful retreat while minimizing the impact human activities have on the plants and the environment in your yard. While…

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Artisan Courses

Artisan courses prepares a learner for career progression to certificate course. It is a foundational course that establishes your future career.

Certificate Courses

Sanuk college of Arts and designs (SCAAD) Offers various certificate courses in interior design, Graphics Design, Landscaping Design, Construction Management, Project Management,

Diploma Courses

Sanuk College of Arts and Design offers Various Diploma courses in Arts and Designs including Interior Design, Architectural and Graphics Designs.