Diploma in Architecture Technology


Sanuk college of Arts and design-SCAAD college offers a range of courses including Diploma in Architectural Technology and Design. An architectural Technology course is a skilled based program designed to equip students with the principles, theories, and practical skills involved in the field of architecture. This course is typically offered at SCAAD College and is examined by TVET CDACC. This is course is only offered at Diploma level .

Here are some key aspects you can expect to learn in an architecture course:

  1. Architectural Design: This forms the core of any architecture course. Students learn how to conceptualize and create architectural designs for various types of buildings, considering factors such as functionality, aesthetics, sustainability, and user needs.
  2. Architectural History: Understanding the history of architecture is crucial for any aspiring architect. You’ll study various architectural styles, movements, and iconic buildings throughout history, gaining insights into the evolution of architecture over time.
  3. Building Materials and Technology: Students learn about different construction materials, building systems, and construction techniques used in modern architecture.
  4. Structural Engineering: This area of study focuses on the principles of structural design and how buildings withstand loads and forces.
  5. Sustainable Design and Environmental Considerations: With a growing focus on environmental sustainability, architecture courses often cover green building practices, energy-efficient design, and ways to minimize the environmental impact of buildings.
  6. Urban Planning: Understanding how buildings interact with the surrounding environment and urban context is essential. Urban planning principles are often integrated into architecture courses.
  7. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM): Architecture students are trained to use software tools like AutoCAD and Revit, which assist in creating detailed architectural drawings and models.
  8. Professional Practice: Courses often include topics related to the business and legal aspects of architecture, including project management, contracts, and professional ethics.
  9. Studio Work: Many architecture programs have studio components where students work on real-world design projects, individually or in groups, under the guidance of experienced faculty.
  10. Field Trips and Practical Experience: Some courses include field trips to visit significant architectural sites or involve practical work experience as part of the curriculum.

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  • KCSE Mean Grade C-
  • Certificate in Interior Design
  • Any other Qualification as determined by KNQA.

Course Duration: Diploma in Architectural Technology offered at SCAAD College takes a minimum of 2 years and Maximum of three years depending on the Exam schedules and mirage of factors.

Why Study Diploma in Architectural Technology at SCAAD College

  • SCAAD college is registered and licensed by TVET. Its accreditation boosts the credibility of the certificate.
  • We have specialized tutors for Architecture.
  • Weel Furnished practical labs and extensive field work for Architectural Students.



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