Message From CEO

Message from The CEO

Having been in the design and build industry spanning a decade now, I have learned and experienced a lot. I have come across diverse groups of people of different calibers and distinct passion in design industry.

There are  so many young people  who have quite a recommendable university results in paper (theoretically based approach) but don’t have the know-how in work execution and experience. Students who went through curriculum but have no skills in their areas of specialization. We have a gender disparity ,interior design scope knowledge and importance of interior design or  construction industry as a skill and a career.

Interior design is my heart`s passion and life commitment. It being my life, I want to leave a legacy of imparting this skill to anyone interested either a beginner or having interior design background but no experience as well as will be combing the theory and instilling practicality.

Having considered so many factors i.e.; unemployment, construction industry growth in preparation of the Kenyan vision 2030 whose economic pillar construction falling under industrial sector which contributes about 16.9% GDP to the Kenyan as at 2022, meaning we have a bigger growth margin. Kenya alone needs about 250,000 housing units to gap the 2000000 units deficit. With the above statistics bearing in mind, coupled with my experience, I came up with a more experienced based curriculum to slope a theoretical norm we are accustomed to in our learning institutions. It is a really my passion and heart’s desire to give out to our country a hands on expertise in design and build industry that can contribute to our economy with the right skills and knowledge to do exploits with minimal supervision.

Welcome to Sanuk College of arts and design (SCAAD) college where we defy the ordinary to create the extraordinary. You will never as we will involve the best of the best in the industry set pacers

The CEO, Sanuk College of Arts and Design (SCAAD) College

Ms Kimutai Chepkoech


  • We teach a real life experienced course not taught anywhere.
  • Sanuk College of Arts and design-SCAAD is a practical oriented college.
  • High qualified staff with distinguished academicians. Our Staff are motivated to work.
  • Serene Learning Environment and Enabling conditions favorable for learning.
  • Our Courses are need-based and CBET tailored to meet the TVETA visions on offering skill based courses.
  • Our Students learn on the field and other related sites thus gain experience as well as requisite knowledge.
  • We Lias with the market set pacers for job opportunities and internships.
  • We have stable wifi whereby students can do research at any given time.
  • We have well equipped lecture halls for interior Designs.
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